Talk w/ El Hotzo und Parshad (TINCON)

Talk w/ El Hotzo und Parshad (TINCON)

Talk w/ El Hotzo und Parshad (TINCON)

How fame can be funny?

April 22, 13:15–14:00

Panel @
HERBRAND’s Eventhalle

El Hotzo has 1 million followers on Instagram, while Parshad has almost as many on TikTok.

No one is surprised, because no one with a beating heart in their chest would seriously wish for an internet world without them. Because they’re not just funny, they use their abnormal talent to expose racism and sexism, hold a mirror up to everyday philistines, and ask the obvious questions that no one else dares to ask.

Look forward to a conversation with Parshad and El Hotzo, the North and South Poles of the German U30 entertainment landscape, in which they will possibly tell you why being funny is more self-defense than a job, but you can still get by quite well.

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