Leni Bolt

Leni Bolt

Leni Bolt

April 29,

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Leni Bolt, 29, is known from the Netflix series Queer Eye Germany, in which five queer experts positively transform the life of another person. In the Makeover series, Leni is a work-life balance expert responsible for mental health in everyday (work) life. Before Leni trained to become the life coach after a burnout, Bolt studied fashion and clothing design in Berlin and was considered Germany's youngest fashion designer in 2009. Today, Leni identifies as a non-binary person - that is, not or not only as a man or a woman. Privately, Leni Bolt longs for the partner by her side and shares her thoughts on this with her growing community on Instagram.

The guidebook is all about work-life balance and accompanies readers step by step on the way out of the hamster wheel. The whole thing happens with the help of advice texts, Leni's experiences, instructions, reflection questions, activity pages, tips and information on how to develop your life for the positive.

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Madeleine is a young presenter and journalist who burns for all topics related to music and pop culture. Interviews are her comfort zone and her sense of where it's worth diverting deeper has shown her countless exciting perspectives. You can hear them on the radio in 1Live Plan B or in her own show 1Live GO, where she not only discovers newcomers and presents new music, but also talks about why national and international festival stages are still mostly booked for male acts and about the sexist structures in the industry. Breaking down complex content and conveying it simply is her superpower. If not on the radio, then every now and then in front of the camera for reports by funk from ARD and ZDF or on stages.

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