Paula Carolina

Paula Carolina

Paula Carolina

April 30,

Concert @
Em Drügge Pitter

A Paula Carolina concert means rebelling and growing up in the same evening. The bassline on point, the guitar amps loud and in front of it a young woman jumping up and down like a bouncy ball. The dancing indie crowd screams along with her socio-critical lyrics as if they had always been there.

Paula Carolina's green eyes flash cheekily from under her cap. Dressed like the cool skater boy of your favorite band, she is the fresh alternative for the otherwise masculine music world. Already at the age of five she played her first crooked notes on the piano and listened to her father scratch his NDW and jazz record collection. Paula Carolina is serious, after all, she dropped out of her political studies for this moment.

Somehow become immortal, somehow make a difference.

Her vans checkered, but her path straight, Paula Carolina has played herself into the wild hearts of curated playlists and promoters within a very short time. Most recently with the single "Trophy", which announces a raw sound with a lot of energy and has already been streamed nearly half a million times.

Now, thanks to her catchy tunes, she is facing a big festival summer and the completion of her second EP, which could become her breakthrough.
Here's to Berlin air in a champagne glass!

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