Stefano Zarrella

Stefano Zarrella

Stefano Zarrella

April 29,

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Open Deck Cologne Bus

The likeable Instagram shooting star not only entertains millions of fans with his funny recipe videos, but also encourages them to cook for themselves. The food creator not only loves to recreate trendy dishes, but often tries out for himself what you can conjure up with a few ingredients. The young Italian is always there for his community - whether on TV, on Instagram or now in his first cookbook. His favorite phrase, "Incredibly delicious" has become as much a trademark as the good humor and enthusiasm that Stefano exudes with a broad smile in each of his videos.

The book not only holds Italian fusion cuisine for every occasion, but also favorite recipes and anecdotes from mom, dad and the rest of the Zarrella family. Otherwise, it goes both hearty and sweet, but above all always authentic, creative and incredibly delicious!

"Incredibly delicious" will be available in stores from March 3, 2023.

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