Antje Schomaker

Antje Schomaker

Antje Schomaker


Antje Schomaker doesn't have to do anything.

We all know that at the latest after her song "Ich muss gar nichts", which now has over 3 million streams and over 35 thousand creations on TikTok and Instagram.

So there's no getting around Antje in the German music world.

The "favorite artist", who was awarded the Pop Culture Prize 2022, has already played at festivals such as Hurricane, Deichbrand, Reeperbahn Festival, Dockville and many more. Antje was also able to thrill audiences as tour support for LEA and Bosse.

Live, Schomaker has her audience in her pocket. She makes people dance with driving guitars, catchy hooklines and lyrics that you have to shout along loudly. Especially her rousing and very individual announcements are met with enthusiasm and make for special live moments.

Antje Schomaker makes pop that wants something and has something to say. All with a fat pinch of electric guitars and driving synth sounds.

In doing so, she doesn't stop at political and socio-critical topics: for example, she brings together hundreds of female artists with her song "Auf Augenhöhe". She actively supports the live industry and gives interviews in various TV formats. Draws attention to the abuses of the patriarchy with "Ich muss gar nichts". And these are just a few examples.

After we had to wait over a year for new music from Antje Schomaker, she is back in 2023 and we can look forward to a new album, exciting features and of course some live concerts.