20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023    20 years c/o pop    26.—30. April 2023

20 years of c/o pop -
celebrate with us!

From April 26 to 30, 2023, we'll be setting all the signs to J for anniversary - WE'LL BE 20!!! Two decades ago, we set out to flood Cologne's cultural landscape with lots of pop-cultural content and wanted to involve as many institutions, labels, clubs and, above all, artists as possible - from Cologne, NRW, Germany and, at best, worldwide. We have come a little closer to this goal with each passing year. In the meantime, the closed Venloer Straße is out of bounds for one weekend in April. And always at our side: You! <3 To celebrate the anniversary in a fitting manner, we are already hard at work on exciting activities for 2023 - we'll be revealing more in the next few weeks.

©Celeste Call

Next confirmed shows

With her love for Lady Gaga, the late 80s and early 90s, Domiziana celebrates her own hyperpop party on stage - if you're up for it, she'll take you along! The dream-pop of orbit is also entraining, albeit in pretty much the opposite way to Domiziana's sound - orbit mixes spherical soundscapes of raw acoustic and flat synth sounds. Philine Sonny mixes indie singer-songwriter sounds with organic piano parts, melancholic Springsteen guitar rock and driving drum beats. Steintor Herrenchor from Hanover, on the other hand, indulge in cool NDW nostalgia, but mix it up so skilfully with Casio pop, new wave and post-punk that it doesn't turn out to be anything eternally outdated, but an absolutely contemporary 2023 NDW sound. Also listen to: LIZ, AZE, Oracle Sisters, Import Export, Die Verlierer, kevin, UCHE YARA, Moses Yoofee Trio, Ilayda, Ameli Paul, Uzi Freyja, Bulgarian Cartrader and Mama Africa Soundsystem and many more!

©Tobias Brust

Readings, Comedy & Co.

After sharing the c/o pop stage with his band Vierkanttretlager in 2012, Max Richard Leßmann is in our programme this year together with the readers Elena Meger and Caroline von der Goltz. We have also invited Hengameh Yaghoobifarah to read texts from her ex-taz column "Habibitus". It's about right-wing terror, rape culture and recipes for world peace - in other words, everything! In their podcast "Die Nachbarn" (The Neighbours), the two journalists Linn Schütze and Leonie Bartsch follow the trail of an old criminal case - live on stage with us. The Berlin Strippers Collective uses dance, comedy and stories to campaign for better legal models and working conditions for sex workers. What does it look like on stage? Take a look! Cabaret artist and vet Tereza Hossa has been touring the German-speaking world as a slam poet since 2019 and is also part of the podcast team of "Man lernt nie aus". What will she bring to the stage with us? It will definitely not be dry as dust! While Afropop and African music have long since arrived in the music industry, the "Afro All Style Dance Battle" is the dance that goes with it - live on stage at c/o pop!

©Paul Huettemann

20 years c/o pop anniversary show with JORIS and the WDR Funkhausorchester 

On c/o pop Festival Friday (28.04.2023) we will celebrate our 20th edition at the WDR Funkhaus on Wallrafplatz with a very special show by JORIS and the WDR Funkhausorchester. Since we have been presenting artists on extraordinary stages for 20 years, we can't imagine a more fitting show for our anniversary.

Together with the WDR Funkhausorchester , the singer-songwriter-all-rounder will perform his greatest hits of recent years and present his brand new studio album number three: "Willkommen Goodbye"! His touching and expressive melodies, his incredible energy on stage and the interaction with the audience paired with the uniqueness of the WDR Radio Orchestra is an absolute MUST for every Joris fan - don't miss this extraordinary concert experience in a special location!

©Philipp Pongratz

What's New?

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

You can buy tickets for all days now. There is a cheap day ticket for each day as well as the two 2-day tickets “Thursday + Friday” and “Saturday + Sunday” and a 4-day ticket for all days from Thursday to Sunday. For the anniversary shows with OG Keemo at Schauspiel Köln and the anniversary opening gala with the Crucchi Gang at Sartory Sälen you need single tickets, these shows are NOT included in the day tickets.

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Apply now to MUSIC PEOPLE!

Apply now to MUSIC PEOPLE!

Are you looking for your dream job in the music industry? Then apply now at MUSIC PEOPLE! In order to make recruiting measures more attractive and contemporary, we have designed the first job festival in Europe: At MUSIC PEOPLE, applicants and entrepreneurs get to know each other in an authentic context - at the bar, in the backstage area or at the food truck. Young professionals and job seekers with experience in the music industry can now apply to MUSIC PEOPLE. The job festival will take place on 27 April 2023 as part of c/o pop and is free of charge for talents.

More info on MUSIC PEOPLE!

Amore on the opening evening

Amore on the opening evening

We are especially looking forward to the Italian opening night with the one and only Crucchi Gang! The three permanent members Francesco Wilking, Charlotte Goltermann and Patrick Reising now have all their sparring partners together. They will present their favourite Italo versions of their songs at the c/o pop opening gala with: Sven Regener, Antje Schomaker, Matze (Von Wegen Lisbeth), Lina Maly and Tristan Brusch. Don’t miss this very special and certainly unforgettable evening in the Sartory Sälen!

Tickets for the c/o pop anniversary show with the Crucchi Gang (->)

Sold Out - OG Keemo at Schauspiel Köln

Sold Out - OG Keemo at Schauspiel Köln

For the anniversary year, we have secured many strong partnerships and cooperations. Because we want the programme to be even more diverse, so that the pop-cultural wind that prevails during c/o pop becomes a storm that leaves traces of cultural diversity. As part of the first cooperation, we’re putting OG Keemo on stage at Schauspiel Köln - and we’re super excited ourselves to see exactly what happens on stage.

Chance for up-and-coming bands

Chance for up-and-coming bands

The project aims to promote local, regional and national up-and-coming artists. We offer the selected acts the chance to present themselves to an international audience at the c/o pop Festival. As part of the project, there is a lively exchange with other festival makers, agencies and labels from over 25 countries. musichub germany is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Initiative Musik.

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